Pillowcase Dress Revisited

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I absolutely love pillowcase dresses. . .soft, flowing and summery. I was searching through my stash of vintage pillowcases, left to me by my grandmother and hand embroidered by both my maternal great grand- mothers, trying to figure which one would make the perfect little dress for my youngest daughter. I couldn't do it. There is no way those pillowcases are ever going to be anything other than pillowcases. I actually teared up at the thought of cutting into them. . .it just isn't going to happen. So I carefully folded them back up and stowed them away. . .ahh, memories.  

There was, however, a beautiful stack of Amy Butler fabrics sitting there on my sewing table. . .just waiting.  Perfect!  With the help of Anna Marie Horner's helpful hints. . .a pillowcase dress was born! I found it helpful when cutting the armhole area to create a pattern piece from one of my daughter's tank tops (I didn't want it to be too big through the arms). 

Well, Bethy loves it and it's soft, flowing and summery!  Her two older sister's are now after me, both wanting pillowcase blouses.  

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  1. I love this! I saw it on someone's flickr link and instantly fell in love. (and did a ton of searches for a pattern!) Needless to say my daughter will have a few of these! :)

    Such a beautiful model too... :)


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