What To Do With A Fat Quarter or Two. . .

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

With the official end of summer just two weeks away, I though a nice quilt to finish off the season was in order. I needed something quick to cheer me up! 

With the kids settled in at school, acclimating to their new schedules, I'd become very melancholy–I miss them during the day, I miss the activity in the house (mostly in the kitchen) and by the pool.  The place becomes very quiet and big. I just know I'll be the worst empty nester ever!

Back to the quilt, I must admit I am a fat quarter junky. . .really, I am! I love them and there is nothing quite like them. So, to ease my "I miss my kids' blues," I gathered a few of them together, found 2 yards of beautiful floral fabric deep in the confines of my stash, this pattern from this pattern company and. . .Voila! It took just an afternoon to finish the top. Instant gratification.  

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