Sweet. . .

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Every once in a while I feel the need to sew up something wearable. I love this cute tiered, twirly skirt. When the girls were younger these were so fun to make in coordinating prints. This one is a store sample for HRQ. I absolutely love the yo-yo and button. The one, slightly disappointing factor, this doesn't fit any of my girls. . .but I have nieces! Little cuties to dress up, so this will be for LeAnna after it's visit at Honey Run.
This might also be cute as a hair band.

Checkin' My List

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another finish! I need to thank Jacquie for her motivation. Each day I plug away at the "Need to Finish" pile. Binding takes me forever, it's the OCD in me; I want all the stitches to be uniform~like anyone's going to check. This is the quilt for Lisa. Lisa is Colby's aide in school. She is an unbelievable human being with more kindness, patience and dedication than anyone I've ever known. She loves my son, and for this I'm eternally grateful. Her birthday falls on Christmas, so I wanted her quilt to shout "Happy Birthday!" without a trace of "Merry Christmas!" I hope she enjoys it.
These little Friendship Bags are so addicting! It's a good thing, I'm making quite a few for the kids to give to the secretaries at their schools and their teachers. The kids will make something yummy to fill them with. Christmas is so much more fun when it's homemade. Speaking of homemade here is my version of carrot cake~cream cheese frosting and all. Hayley insists on taking pictures of every baked good that passes through the kitchen~which is a lot. I made this to go along with the traditional pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. It was a hit!

Have a good weekend and stay warm~that means you Terri, on your outing for the perfect Christmas tree!

A Couple of Finishes

Saturday, November 21, 2009

These were the two quilts I had to finish by November 23rd. Last year about this time I posted about a project which I volunteer for~Evan's Heart. I help a local group of girl scouts make quilts for the Neonatal Unit at Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento. This is the project we've done this year~A Disappearing 9-patch. The requested size was a 19" square, mine is a bit bigger~24" x 28". I should have pics soon of the girls' quilts as well, they're finishing their bindings this weekend! The babies these quilts go to are so very small. And sometimes a quilt is all mom and dad have to take home~a quilt which held their baby for it's short life. This is why Evan's Heart came to be.
There was a request from the hospital this year for boy quilts; and though not for a baby, this will go to the Pediatrics Unit for a special boy. Though, we generally never hear from the recipients, the nurses let us know how important and appreciated these small gifts of love are to the families. A run through the washer and dryer will have these all comfy and ready to go.
Oh, and this. . .this is how Bethany felt about getting up to go school yesterday. . .Yes, our household is definitely ready for Thanksgiving Break.

In my next post, I'll share "some old stuff" her words not mine, a fabric rep left for HRQ this past week, which my wonderful boss Carmen said I could have.

In A Bind

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well, I've gone ahead and jumped on Jacquie's Joy In The New Year Challenge ~ I've listed the projects in my sidebar to help keep me motivated and it'll be fun to remove them as they're completed. I'm starting with these three; they each need binding. The top quilt needs binding and to be washed by November 23rd~it's heading down to the pediatrics department of Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento. The next, is a birthday gift for Colby's instructional aide, Lisa. She is a miracle in her own right~she deserves a whole houseful of quilts! The 3rd quilt just needs to be finished, the girls are using it without a binding, just a little embarrassing.

Do you have a stack of WIP to finish up before the New Year?

It's That Time of Year

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In the midst of my sewing projects I'm finding time for my favorite Fall activity~baking. Each year we do gift baskets for our relatives and close friends for the holidays; they're filled with homemade goodies from the kitchen~banana bread (yep, that's it up there), cookies, candies, spaghetti sauce and stewed tomatoes. All that's left of this loaf is one piece, the fab five and husband dear devoured it this morning.

Hope your enjoying your preholiday season!

Christmas Friendship

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I was in need of a quick and simple project; so I went with Rachel's Friendship Bag. What a great tutorial and a fun little bag. This one will go to HRQ as a store sample. The shop is fast becoming filled with holiday projects~the twinkly lights are already strung and illuminate at night~very festive.
I stitched a really fun little leaf motif along the straps. I used strips from a Honeybun~a wonderful Moda invention~for this bag. There are many more of these in my future. Simple~Quick~Cute.

October Recap

Monday, November 2, 2009

November? I'm still trying to work my way through October! This probably accounts for my lack of posts. Lots of volleyball games and various other kid-related obligations has kept me away from my blog and my sewing machine. I sure hope November will be different.
There was a BIG birthday this past month. Cassidy, daughter #2 turned 13. Yes, I am now the proud mama to 3 teenagers (God, help me) and 2 ten year olds. Where does the time go? This little sweetie was voted best all around player of her volleyball team during the end of season team dinner. You should see her serve. . .oh, my!
I did manage a bit of sewing. I finished my Disappearing 9-patch quilt top. I deviated from my initial plan deciding against the raw silk, but kept with the linen. I also added the flying geese border to dress it up a bit. I love this fabric, Rouenneries, it definitely makes my favorite collections list.
Let's not forget a bit of Halloween fun! Bethany wanted to be a veterinarian~not very scary, but everyone thought she was cute and at once house, the kitties followed her out of the house and down the path~animals know a good heart when they see one!
Oh, and my ninja boy, Colby! Again, not very scary, but he did a little ninja warrior demonstration for several people. Grandma thought he looked more like a cat burglar. . .nice.
Here's a UFO I completed in October. Well, almost~it needs to be quilted. It's a giant, so off to the long arm gal it goes. The colors are more subtle than they appear. The fabrics are from a 3 Sister's line~Maison de Noel. Our lovely sunny weather hardly lends itself to the appeal of a Christmas quilt.
We had one good rain here 3 weeks ago, and sunny 80° days ever since. It has my lilies confused.
Evidently, it has some of the wildflowers confused, as well. The hibiscus has new blooms too and we're still picking tomatoes.

Happy November, everyone!

French General Disappears

Friday, October 2, 2009

New fabrics from French General is the palette for my latest project. Rounneries is the line. Very pretty, very French chic. These are all cottons, but the line does have a toweling that is very pretty~perfect for dish towels and new pillows! I'm thinking a red raw silk for an inner border and a coordinating linen for the outer border. The fabric line itself lends well to the Fall season. This is a store sample for HRQ~a disappearing 9-patch.

I've actually been working in the store a bit lately. Very fun to be surrounded by pretty fabric and happy fabric shoppers! Carmen and crew are preparing for one of the biggest shows on the west coast, Pacific Quilt International~Honey Run has a booth each year and oodles and oodles of kits and fabric are being packed into huge boxes in preparation for the show. So, if you happen to be in the Santa Clara, CA area stop in at the show and the HRQ booth! Well, back to the quilt. . .

Happy Friday everyone~enjoy your weekend!

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

Sunday, September 27, 2009

It was either Rome wasn't built in a day or somewhere there's a village missing its idiot (me). I love these little houses which are growing in popularity around blogland, but OMG if I didn't have the hardest time figuring these little guys out. The frightening thing is, I have a piece of paper from the California State University system saying I'm mathematically inclined. Arrgh! But after two attempts ending in failure, I think I've got it~

This first block is for my Bee buddy, Anna. We're all making a 9" finished block for her. The background is light gray to represent the wet weather of the Pacific Northwest.
She'll also receive this partial block, there wasn't enough gray to finish the block, but I'm sure she'll work it in somewhere. I'm really excited to see all of these little houses form a small city.
And here's one for me! Will I continue making an entire village (LOL), I'm not quite sure. Ten little fabric cottages may make a cute wall hanging for my kitchen which is 6 days out from fresh paint and new flooring!

A Last Little Slice of Summer

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's all finished~my Good Ol' Summertime Mini Quilt Swap project! And with 2 days to spare! The guidelines indicated projects had to be mailed no later than September 21st, well there you have it. . .right down to the wire. It was such a fun little project to make. My only bump in the road with this project was having my walking foot decide to die right as I began to quilt it. You see, my sewing machine is a Husqvarna Designer 1 and our local dealer closed her doors in April. So my options were, the internet or to drive 60 miles either north or south of Chico to purchase a replacement. Didn't want to do either. So, I looked in my Husqvarna Foot Book hoping for some divine intervention. Found it!

It just so happens, my machine came with a presser foot which collaborates with this wavy stitch. Everything automatically adjusts and no feed dogs to drop. . .devine intervention at its finest. I'm so happy with the results.

I hope my San Diego swap pal enjoys this last little slice of summer.

Happy weekend all. . .

Quite A Stack & A Front Porch View

Friday, September 18, 2009

Well, Round 2 of the 9-patch Quilt Along is quickly coming to an end, and what fun it has been! No stress, one block a day (or sometimes 5 or 6 over the weekend to catch up) and in just over two months, enough blocks for an entire quilt! The best part is my scrap bucket has taken a huge hit! Most fabrics represented here are those of my last three projects~the 9-patch will tie them all together.
What a stack~61 blocks, with only 9 left to make!

I know this isn't the best picture ever shot, but it is the view from my front porch looking toward the coastal mountain range of the Pacific Ocean. I try to take a minute each evening to take this all in. We're in the country and have no neighbors to block our view. If you were to walk off my porch, across the valley and over those mountains you'd find yourself in Ft. Bragg or Mendocino. . .ahh, it would be a perfect trip right-about now, we're still seeing temps in the 100° 's and as much a California girl as I am, I am for sure ready for a little cool weather~ maybe even a little rain.

Hope you enjoy your view.

It's Been A While. . .

Monday, September 7, 2009

Adjustment. . . I'm having a hard time balancing with the kids back in school. It happens every year. . .getting back in the groove~especially when we all would rather laze around the pool. Thus, my failure to blog~however, it's a quiet Labor Day Monday, the kids are still sleeping and there's alot to catch up on. First, I have to thank Terri ~ I was the winner of a giveaway she hosted the last week in August. Look at this great DS fabric. There are two very cute patterns and some pink checked crafty ribbon (which daughter Bethany promptly claimed for herself~go figure). Don't forget to check out her etsy store Patchwork Trails; Terri has some GREAT gifts for you and yours~I think the checkerboard is my favorite.
On to national news. . .drum roll please. . .HONEY RUN QUILTERS has been selected as one of America's Top 10 Quilt Shops by American Patchwork & Quilting, appearing in the Fall 2009 Quilt Sampler magazine. . . go Carmen, go Carmen! The magazine is set to release Tuesday, September 8th. Carmen is throwing a HUGE party to celebrate and she's raffling a Juki sewing machine to one lucky winner. If this weren't enough, the store's classroom just finished a complete makeover and WOW! New carpet, paint, design boards, canvas awnings with twinkling lights. . .I'll take some photos the night of the party. It really is AWESOME. I have to share, Carmen, the animal lover that she is, has chosen to donate all the raffle ticket monies to our local Butte Humane Society. She has the cutest little dogs (one looks like a miniature lion king) and a frog, which she's adopted, Phelps~a picture of him is posted to her blog.
This is the featured quilt which Carmen and staff designed. It's beautiful, photos honestly don't do it justice. The cream fabric is a cotton crinkle (from Robert Kaufman) and the border is a chocolate velvet. Kits for the quilt will be available through the webstore! I sound like a PSA, but I can't help it, the quilt is so pretty! Oh, Terri and Meagan, don't purchase copies, I have one for each of you!
As for me, I finished my ZZ quilt top for Round 2 of the Ol' Red Barn Quilt Along. I'm happy with the results, the colors remind me of popsicles!
I mentioned in an earlier post I used triangle paper for this project. And this is why. . .my points align perfectly. I use triangle paper for ALL my half-square triangle projects. There's never any blocks to trim, no wonkiness or stretched bias~all of the blocks are the EXACT same size. The secret, the fabric isn't cut until AFTER the blocks are sewn. With this particular project, I was able to add two additional blocks to each row with the same amount of fabric. . . pretty, cool!
I really love Nettie's Princess & The Pea Quilt and have decided to make a quilt using the same focal fabric, here's the beginnings of block #1; my idea is to stitch 4 Princess blocks alternating color ways for the logs. The green is a raw silk~I love it!
I've reinforced the Princess fabric and silks with a lightweight fusible stabilizer to keep the fabrics from stretching and completely unraveling (silk). The stabilizer I use works GREAT with fabrics, which shall we say, have a mind of their own. It is VERY lightweight and after being washed, is hardly noticeable.

I hope you all are well~I'm off to reaquaint myself with your blog and flickr posts. Enjoy your extra day this weekend! ~smiles and warm thoughts~D

Bee Blocks & Garden Goodness

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I've just finished my Quilter Bee blocks for Meagan. Though only required to make one, I made two~I think it's fun to be able to incorporate blocks into the quilt back~the two quilts in one theory. I added the ice blue and chartreuse solids from my stash. Some of the others are posting their blocks too, here's the link if you'd like to take a look. . .Do you remember when I posted about the garden I put in. . .6 weeks after what's considered normal planting time. . .well, hah! I only say that because I took a lot of good natured teasing from friends and family that I was slowing down in my old age. . .yea, right, whatever! So, yes, better late than never~fruits of our garden. Peppers, tomatoes, cucumber~the corn will be ready soon and the pumpkins are going to be perfect size come Halloween. This, while everyone else's gardens are starting to wind down. . .hmmm. . .tease me will you. All in good fun!

Happy Sunday everyone!

A String Quilt

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FINALLY! Geez, I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever finish this project. It was a labor of love, however~my daughter Hayley's graduation/18th birthday quilt. The quilt is made of 64 blocks finishing at 8" squares. There's really no rhyme or reason to the fabrics except they're all Amy Butler Daisy Chain and Midwest Modern prints (exceptions being the solid fabrics).
The back is a Kona solid with some leftover scraps added for interest.

Oh, happy day!

Friendship Bag & Quilter Bee Love

Monday, August 17, 2009

My friend Terri, from Terri's Notebook sent to me this cute friendship bag. It is absolutely adorable and my big purse is now officially jealous. I carry it everywhere. It holds my keys, cell phone, ATM card and my never-leave-home-without-it Blistex lip gloss! This little cutie came full of goodies. Some sweet craft ribbon, a small sewing kit and a very pretty aqua rick rack. If you love this little bag as much as I, be sure to watch her blog for the launch of her Etsy store~coming late August '09! Little does she know I already have goodies to send to her. . .to help get her through those late night art classes.
I recently became a participant in a Quilting Bee. There are 12 of us who will make one block each month from fabric the "spotlight" quilter sends to us with instructions as to block construction. Meagan, is September's spotlight quilter. She has requested a 12.5" square using the above solids~she did add, that I could use solids from my stash as well
. . .hmmm. . .this should be fun!

Happy Monday All!

Back In Action

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Took a little break from blogging last week as well as from sewing. School began for the kids, well at least the younger 4~Hayley starts college next week, locally, but her job at a local flower shop has kept her busy. Me too, of course, with all of the start-of-school festivities~ shopping, meeting teachers, and driving all over town like a crazy taxi.
I have managed to play catch up with my 9-patch blocks. There's 30 now, quite a stack and approaching the half-way point.
I picked these fabrics up. I love pink and brown.
I thought these April Shower Girls would make cute centers for Maverick log cabin blocks.
My FQ bundle of Mezzanine arrived this past week too. It's so pretty!

Tomorrow I have a very fun post! My good friend Terri sent me something very cute that I just can't put down. . .it's adorable.
Because I'm feeling my Irish roots today, I'll leave you with this bit from an Irish Friendship Limerick. . .
May you always find blue skies
above your head,
Shamrocks beneath your feet,
Laughter and joy a plenty,
Kindness from all you meet,
Good friends and kin to miss you
If ever you choose to roam,
And a path that's been cleared by angels
Themselves bringing you safely home.

Shhhh. . .Don't Tell!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I've finally started my Zig Zag Quilt Along project. . .I cheated just a little though. The project calls for a 4" finished unit and I just wasn't feeling much like cutting and marking. . . then I thought about ALL of the triangle paper I have. . . maybe there's some 4" finished sheets and THERE WAS! I suddenly had renewed interest. So I have 9 of the 14 rows ready to sew together. There's no misshapen blocks, everything is square and I'm happy with the progress. There's even some scraps left over to use in this project. . .

It's Day 18 of the 9-Patch Quilt Along and I've made 20 blocks. . .all from scraps. I've decided to throw a bit of aqua in to the orange-pink-yellow mix.

I'm also nearly finished with this quilt and have a plan formulating for these. . .

I've also joined a Quilting Bee, so I'll post Meagan's block as soon as it's finished. Hopefully, we'll have a flickr group to post progress to, as well. I'm excited about this endeavor, I always love to see quilts made from a dozen different people, they are always so unique!

Aaah, Sweet Progress

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's been such a busy week~and it's been hot with temps hitting near 110°~the heat has never bothered me and we don't usually have too much of the 100°+ weather, but it makes the kids cranky! So we've spent alot of time in the pool! I've been catching up and/or keeping up with my projects in the early mornings and late nights when it's cool, here are some more of these potholders I'm addicted to.
And another~I love this style. I bought some new feet for my sewing machine, and one was this pintuck foot~I love the shabby chic look it offers~I added strips of scraps to some of the rows for interest. And yes, they'll fray in the wash and eventually wear down to nothing, but for right now I love them. Speaking of sewing machine feet, I had no idea how many different feet were available for my machine!
It's now day 9 of round 2 of the nine-patch quilt along and I'm one block ahead~10 blocks are done! I'm using only scraps from previous projects, there's definitely enough.
And I've worked a little more on the Good Ol' Summertime Mini Quilt swap project~I've added the little pinwheel flower. I actually had planned to make yo-yo flowers and place them close together to form a hydrangea, but it wasn't as cute as I had envisioned.  
I'll machine applique the pieces so they'll have a finished edge. The flower and centers are made of a pretty batik and hand dyed fabrics.

Enjoy your week~I hope it's cooler where you are!
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