Friday Night Lights Have Dimmed

Friday, January 2, 2009

More than anything else, we want for our children health and happiness. We send them to school each day, on outings with their friends and to the grocery store with the hopes they will take from the examples we set as their parents and use these tools to make informed and healthful decisions. For the most part, we go along, much as they do, with the "it's all good" attitude, but then something devastating happens and a part of our world crumbles.

January 1, 2009 my son lost a teammate and my daughter, a classmate. There are few words to describe how the loss of this boy, on the threshold of life, effects not only his family, but his friends, teammates and class peers. To try to comfort my children and see the heartbreak in their eyes pulls at the very depth of my heart.

Children are precious gifts sent by God for us to love, nurture and protect; the reality, however, is we have very little control. There isn't, unfortunately, a mechanism in place to disarm being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Today, my heart is with the Garber family and Nick's family of friends. Though Nick is gone in a physical sense he will always be here in the hearts of those lives he touched. Prayers and deepest sympathy.

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