Snow Trip–New Year's Eve Day 2008

Saturday, January 17, 2009

We do these snow trips two or three times a year, we load up all the snow toys, some which are designed for the water (knee boards make excellent snow boards) a small bbq, hot dogs, marshmallows the whole bit and head to Butte Meadows. The kids have a great time.

There's a bit of history here. My family has owned property there since the 1950's, my greatgrandparents actually owned Barker's Store and built a cabin near the creek. Fast forward to 1974, Barker's Store is now the Bambi Inn and the new owners are moving in. Well, the new owners had a 9 year old son, and I being 7 thought it would be fun to have someone new to play with when I spent time there during the summer. Well, that 9 year old boy is now my husband and we love to take our kids whenever possible.

John, being raised in Butte Meadows, has all of the snow skills. He builds stairways in the snow for the kids to climb up and down and these really great tunnels. This trip, he also built a snow ramp so as the kids came down the hill on their sled they'd hit the ramp and catch air. This was a hit! 

The kids have another winter break coming in February, it may require another trip to the snow.

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