Sunday Stash–Cosmo & Jelly

Sunday, February 1, 2009

If it's one thing I'm known for it's my resourcefulness–with 5 kids it's really the only option. Evidently it's an inherited trait. In November I heard all the buzz of a new embroidery floss Lecien would be previewing at Spring '09 Market. I REALLY wanted to get some ahead of time, I wanted to begin a new project incorporating some hand embroidery and Cosmo was supposed to be the absolute best floss ever!  I literally tried for a month to try to have some shipped to me. . .no luck. . .heavy sigh. . .I resigned myself to waiting until spring to sample it. 

Meanwhile, my oldest, Hayley had witnessed my frustration and unbeknownst to me went on a massive hunt of her own. Well, guess what she was able to acquire this little sampling for me. She phoned Lecien (yes, in Japan), fought her was through to an English speaking rep who forwarded her the name of one of the potential US distributors. . . and voila. . .a gift for mommy! Resourceful. . .I do believe! 

And, it's true to it's reviews. It is the softest, prettiest floss I've ever worked with. There is absolutely no dye feel to it whatsoever. It will preview at Spring Market '09 and I'm hoping some of the Etsy stores will jump at the chance to retail it. It is wonderful! 

Next up, my jelly roll obsession. . .I absolutely love these little cuties. In my stash right now I have one of Kaffe Fasset cut with the AccuQuilt system by Morning Star Quilters, one of the local shops that will be featured in the Spring '09 Quilt Sampler magazine (you go girls!) I love that they bought one of these handy gadgets. I have two of the Mary Rose collection, I plan to sew these in random strips for a quilt top, and adorn with 3-D flowers. The Christmas goodies will be used in another randomly stripped quilt embellished with chenille snowflakes made with Chenille-by-the-Inch. The others. . . haven't a clue. I'm sure something will come to me. 

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!

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