Sunday Stash–Lightning Bugs & Other Mysteries

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well, it's Sunday again and I wanted to share one of my favorite stash groupings. It's Lightning Bugs & Other Mysteries by Heather Ross. It's rare in a fabric collection that I love every single piece, but this is definitely one of those. My stash had dwindled down to just a few small pieces, until about a month ago. 

Heather Ross had just released her new book Weekend Sewing (fab-u-loso) and her new fabric line Far, Far Away was just about to hit the shelves. I had a fabric attack. I was still in love with Lightning Bugs & Other Mysteries. . .not to mention Mendocino and certain pieces of West Hill (I'll save those for another post). Actually, now that I revisit this photo, I see a piece from West Hill in there (oops!)

As I'm sure many of you have done, I went searching for some of my favorite pieces. I was shocked (to say the very least) to find some of the pieces were selling for as much as $40 a yard (um, I don't think so). I then went about it the old-fashioned way, visiting quilt shops. First, I checked HRQ and there wasn't any-or was there-in the basement tucked away in a dark corner. Who would put that in the basement! Teresa brought it out for all to buy, including me for $9.00 yard (okay then).

Next, I phoned Bonnie at Sugar Pine, and she had the happy camper vans on pink and and a fat quarter left in blue! Also, the bicycles on white and pink and the frogs and lily pads on olive. Score! My fabric karma was once again in balance. Aaah!

Thus, my Sunday Stash for this week. Don't forget to stop over at the flicker group to see what everyone is sharing. Hope all of you have a pleasant week and find a little time to sew something pretty. I'll be busy trying to finish store samples for the summer schedule.

Sailboats In Red & Blue and Pretty Zig Zags Too

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This project is from my sketchbook. . .remember all of those half-square triangles done up in red and blue? Initially, I had intended for this to be a baby quilt, but to incorporate all the elements I wanted, it turned into something a bit larger. . .let's call it toddler size. Perfect for that first big boy bed! For a little girl, I might substitute the boats for paper-pieced or appliqued flowers, all in pink and green, of course!

I'm thinking variegated thread for the quilting and a snappish red stripe for the binding.

I must have zig zags on my mind, here is a new project I've started using some of my favorite Heather Bailey and Sandi Henderson fabrics. The tutorial I used is found here. It's pieced on the diagonal and trimmed up to a 46" x 61" rectangle. . .no setting triangles. I hope to have this pieced by the weekend. 

There's another sew night at HRQ this Friday-translated this means lots of sewing, food and fun!

Happy sewing friends~

April is Autism Awareness Month

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with Autism. To increase awareness I'm sharing my family's story. In March of 1999, I gave birth to twins–happy, healthy and 6 lbs. each (my OB was pleased–a month early and still weighed in at 6 lbs.).  Apgar scores were good, no jaundice, no nursing issues–a perfect pair. As with our older three, we began vaccinations–we didn't realize the damage of the high fevers and rash the vaccines ( the drug contraindications) had prompted until it was too late. 
This is the face of autism.
and this. . .

We, as a family, are very lucky. There is no mental retardation. However, the emotional, social and verbal stigma's associated with children who fall on the spectrum do exist. What does this mean, exactly. Speech delay, I didn't hear "I love you mom!" until Colby was four; some parents with autistic children never hear those words. Socially, Colby prefers to play alone or with one other person (except at home), usually with a family member or adult and doesn't have good eye contact. Emotionally, there are tears (fewer each day) over matters such as picking up toys, taking a shower and sharing chores.

Instead of reading for pleasure, many times this is my reading material.
What does it mean for Colby. . .years of speech therapy, social awareness therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, adaptive PE and until one month ago, a special classroom at a special school separated from his twin sister.

Now for the good news. . .and there is quite a bit. Colby has a high level of intelligence and math and science seem to be his areas of greatest academic success. He has returned to a mainstream classroom with a permanent one-to-one aide. The physical therapy and adaptive PE are working, his gait is almost perfect and he's beginning to run as other 10-year-old boys do. The speech therapy has taught him to look at others when spoken to and when speaking to others. Social groups he participates in also encourages appropriate social interaction and reciprocity.

Colby has made unbelievable progress since his diagnosis, he has an awesome physical therapist, a speech therapist who never gives up, a SDC (special day class) teacher who knows when to push and how hard, and Lisa, his aide, whom without, Colby would not be where he is today. We're very thankful and Colby, from all professional opinion, will lead a productive, independent life. 

There are many things you can do to help Autism Awareness, if you're a mom-to-be educate yourself on the effects of vaccines given before age 4. Support through your local quilt guilds donating projects to families in your local area. And purchase the puzzle ribbon magnet for your car to spread the word–Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with Autism.

Treasure Trove–Flea Market Fancy

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's amazing what you'll find in the discounted fabric section of a quilt shop. Can you BELIEVE it! Yes my friends, Flea Market Fancy. 

Actually, this little bit of heaven is from two quilt shops. The pink and orange prints as well as the aqua stripe were found at Morning Star Quilts (which, by the way is being featured in AP&Q's Quilt Sampler–May '09). The pink sprout was marked so low, I bought the rest of the bolt (4 yards). The brown, red, lime and dark aqua prints were found at Sugar Pine Quilt Shop in Grass Valley, CA and yes, they take phone orders–(530) 272-5308! The only piece I'm still diligently looking for is the leaf print in blue. 

I still can't believe it! Sometimes a road trip is well worth the effort. . .
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