Finished Quilt Tops & A Prom

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've connected. Lots of sewing projects and kids activities have kept me busy and beyond. 
I finished this quilt top. It's the zig zag pattern I blogged of earlier. I plan on making this again, only bigger and using set in triangles to alleviate cutting the edges square as instructed in the tutorial. I wasn't happy with any of the pictures I shot of the entire quilt, I'll try again once it's quilted! The tutorial was very easy to follow, and the project went together quickly. 
This one is back from my long-arm buddy, Patty. I think I've talked about her computerized long arm. It's the coolest thing ever. She loves this quilt and named it aqua marine. Appropriate considering it's all cool blues and greens. 
I've also finished my wonky stars quilt top. Though you can't tell from the picture, I've ironed and starched it beyond all limits of reasonability. But then I folded it, and, well there you have it. The next two photos are a little better.It's all done in aqua, greens and blues. My pink, yellow and oranges are probably feeling ignored. . . 
I added a scrappy sashing, because it definitely needed something. 

And now something from my brag book. As I've blogged before my oldest is graduating high school in June. Here she is with her date for their Senior Prom. A little history, their grandfathers were friends, long time Chico families. 
And here with Katie and Julia. They're such the glamour girls.

And here's one of the whole group. It's hard to believe these kids are less than 20 school days away from grad night. Hayley and group are graduating from Chico High School class of 2009. 

Myself, my mom and her mother, my grandmother all graduated from Chico High. It's nostalgic to say the very least and evidently a family tradition. . .I'm so proud of her. She's on her way into the world to give it her all.

Happy Mother's Day to you all. And that includes you too aunts, big sisters and favorite family friends! Mother's Day is a day to celebrate important women in our lives, not just those related maternally. Enjoy your day and know you have touched lives in ways you may never know.


  1. I'm making a zig-zag quilt too, but I'm using a different pattern. That pattern you used looks like a good one, and I love how yours turned out.

    I especially love your wonky star quilt! It's just gorgeous!

    As are those prom kids - gorgeous! Looks like you have had a very busy household lately. How fun!

  2. Beautiful quilts, I love that zig-zag one.


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