Sunday. .ah. .er Monday Stash

Monday, May 11, 2009

I know, a day late. . .but I do enjoy Sunday Stash. I love looking at all the collections of my fellow fabric-a-holics, I mean sewists across the globe. 
Today, I'm sharing a few pieces of Heather Ross' latest. . .Far, Far Away. I was so excited when I heard of the release of something new from her. She is one of my favorite designers and her work reflects such a sense of happiness and whimsy. I was ever-so briefly disappointed when I discovered the Far, Far Away designs would be printed on cotton gauze–not the best for a quilting, but then again that's what lightweight fusible stabilizer is for!

My daughters especially love the little snail print. . .so maybe some shorts or a nice tiered skirt. Another idea I'd like to try with these involves new towels I just purchased. Cutting strips of one of the prints, running them through my 2" bias tape maker and sewing them down to add a touch of handmade to the upstairs bath. 

Since, however, Heather Ross may not release another fabric line soon I may just put it up on the shelf to admire. FreeSpirit and Heather Ross have tabled the release of "Craft Bazaar" which was supposed to release at Quilt Market this week. This due to some moronic non-compete clause with her former company Munki Munki. Evidently, too many of us enjoy her fabric and designs, create with it and heaven forbid sell an item or two on Etsy. Thus, stifling Heather's ability to design fabrics, one of the major reasons for selling Munki, initially. Ggrrrr! Sorry, climbing down off my soap box. . .

I hope you all find time this week to design something pretty or even utilitarian. . .maybe both! and don't forget to check out the great photos over at the Sunday Stash Flicker Group!


  1. I really love these fabrics you have! And I totally agree with you about that non-compete issue. Too bad for us, we won't get to see more of Heather's wonderful designs!

  2. I'm very jealous of your Heather Ross!!


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