Aaah, Sweet Progress

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's been such a busy week~and it's been hot with temps hitting near 110°~the heat has never bothered me and we don't usually have too much of the 100°+ weather, but it makes the kids cranky! So we've spent alot of time in the pool! I've been catching up and/or keeping up with my projects in the early mornings and late nights when it's cool, here are some more of these potholders I'm addicted to.
And another~I love this style. I bought some new feet for my sewing machine, and one was this pintuck foot~I love the shabby chic look it offers~I added strips of scraps to some of the rows for interest. And yes, they'll fray in the wash and eventually wear down to nothing, but for right now I love them. Speaking of sewing machine feet, I had no idea how many different feet were available for my machine!
It's now day 9 of round 2 of the nine-patch quilt along and I'm one block ahead~10 blocks are done! I'm using only scraps from previous projects, there's definitely enough.
And I've worked a little more on the Good Ol' Summertime Mini Quilt swap project~I've added the little pinwheel flower. I actually had planned to make yo-yo flowers and place them close together to form a hydrangea, but it wasn't as cute as I had envisioned.  
I'll machine applique the pieces so they'll have a finished edge. The flower and centers are made of a pretty batik and hand dyed fabrics.

Enjoy your week~I hope it's cooler where you are!


  1. Wow, that is some serious and beautiful progress! I love it all! I didn't know you could get a pintuck foot - I like the effect it created.

    Did you actually say 110 degrees? That is ridiculous! (and yucky) Hang in there or hibernate till it passes; that's what I usually do when it's that hot.

  2. looks like you've been busy! good job. really like the hot pads..i think i'll go make some right now.

  3. Yes, much cooler where I am. I think something in between 100 degrees and the 50 degrees we have here in melbourne today would be just fine.
    You've been doing some lovely stitching.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Andi :-)

  4. 110...that's we're just about floating away...3 inches of rain today. weird weather. love the pintucking. i have that foot too...i'd sure love to give it a try! stay cool!!


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