A Match Set & A Little Progress

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm really hooked on this pot holder oven mitt project. Here's a match set. I'm making some as store samples for HRQ to put in the shop to inspire others to sew, sew, sew this summer! I did discover one of those grommet makers so I can punch a hole through the hotpad itself instead of a loop hanger if I want. . .a pretty cool option. 
I posted last month about this project, I'm now up to 48 complete blocks with only 16 left to make. This is made completely of Daisy Chain scraps left over from several previous projects. I'm sewing the blocks together in rows as I go; otherwise, I'd make myself nuts trying to figure the best layout possible. I tend to over think these things. . .
It wouldn't be 4th of July weekend without these from our garden. We're picking about 1/2 gallon of these each day. We're having a get together this weekend, and the plan is to serve up some homemade blackberry ice cream. . . Yum! 

Enjoy your 4th!


  1. Oh my Dorrie, I love blackberries! I can't believe you guys have that many. Your quilt is going to be so beautiful. I just love those colors and the movement of the blocks. Very charming kitchen set too - I need to make some of those.

  2. Love the blue colors in that quilt. The fabric in the potholders is lovely as well. I need to make some to use up all the batting bits.

  3. You mentioned in this post that you are sewing the (green/white) blocks together as you go, otherwise you drive yourself crazy with layout. This is a flash of brilliance! I am the same way, so this tip is extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing!


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