Bee Blocks & Garden Goodness

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I've just finished my Quilter Bee blocks for Meagan. Though only required to make one, I made two~I think it's fun to be able to incorporate blocks into the quilt back~the two quilts in one theory. I added the ice blue and chartreuse solids from my stash. Some of the others are posting their blocks too, here's the link if you'd like to take a look. . .Do you remember when I posted about the garden I put in. . .6 weeks after what's considered normal planting time. . .well, hah! I only say that because I took a lot of good natured teasing from friends and family that I was slowing down in my old age. . .yea, right, whatever! So, yes, better late than never~fruits of our garden. Peppers, tomatoes, cucumber~the corn will be ready soon and the pumpkins are going to be perfect size come Halloween. This, while everyone else's gardens are starting to wind down. . .hmmm. . .tease me will you. All in good fun!

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. a great harvest! with our weird weather things are really late here too. love your additions to the blocks...solids are so great! hope the beginning of school went smoothly for you. i'm missing it...just a bit.

  2. Dorrie your blocks are great! I can't wait to see all the others too. Meagan is going to have a great quilt!

  3. How wonderful that you have so much in your garden to pick already! I just picked tomatoes, peppers and onions today too. Tried my first batch of salsa with quesadillas for dinner. (it needed cilantro)

    Love your quilting bee blocks, especially the one with that ice blue. Looks like a fun group!

  4. Hi Dorrie - thanks for stopping by my new blog. Maybe we'll run in to each other at HRQ (or maybe the quilt guild?). Your quilts are great. Love the colors. Now I feel like I need to get a new stash.

  5. Man, your blog looks good! School is boring. Love ya!


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