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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I've finally started my Zig Zag Quilt Along project. . .I cheated just a little though. The project calls for a 4" finished unit and I just wasn't feeling much like cutting and marking. . . then I thought about ALL of the triangle paper I have. . . maybe there's some 4" finished sheets and THERE WAS! I suddenly had renewed interest. So I have 9 of the 14 rows ready to sew together. There's no misshapen blocks, everything is square and I'm happy with the progress. There's even some scraps left over to use in this project. . .

It's Day 18 of the 9-Patch Quilt Along and I've made 20 blocks. . .all from scraps. I've decided to throw a bit of aqua in to the orange-pink-yellow mix.

I'm also nearly finished with this quilt and have a plan formulating for these. . .

I've also joined a Quilting Bee, so I'll post Meagan's block as soon as it's finished. Hopefully, we'll have a flickr group to post progress to, as well. I'm excited about this endeavor, I always love to see quilts made from a dozen different people, they are always so unique!


  1. your zig zag is very PRetty! you sure get a lot of sewing done.

  2. Oh it's gorgeous so far! I love the colors, with just a touch of Autumn to tease us. I have always wanted to try triangle paper, and now I wish I had for this project! I'm still marking my center lines on the squares. Your 9-patches are gorgeous too. Do tell us more about your quilting bee sometime - I love hearing about those collaborations!

  3. so pretty, dorrie! i love the colors and fabrics you chose for your zig zag. good job on the quiltalong too...i wanted to...but i haven't made a one.


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