It's Been A While. . .

Monday, September 7, 2009

Adjustment. . . I'm having a hard time balancing with the kids back in school. It happens every year. . .getting back in the groove~especially when we all would rather laze around the pool. Thus, my failure to blog~however, it's a quiet Labor Day Monday, the kids are still sleeping and there's alot to catch up on. First, I have to thank Terri ~ I was the winner of a giveaway she hosted the last week in August. Look at this great DS fabric. There are two very cute patterns and some pink checked crafty ribbon (which daughter Bethany promptly claimed for herself~go figure). Don't forget to check out her etsy store Patchwork Trails; Terri has some GREAT gifts for you and yours~I think the checkerboard is my favorite.
On to national news. . .drum roll please. . .HONEY RUN QUILTERS has been selected as one of America's Top 10 Quilt Shops by American Patchwork & Quilting, appearing in the Fall 2009 Quilt Sampler magazine. . . go Carmen, go Carmen! The magazine is set to release Tuesday, September 8th. Carmen is throwing a HUGE party to celebrate and she's raffling a Juki sewing machine to one lucky winner. If this weren't enough, the store's classroom just finished a complete makeover and WOW! New carpet, paint, design boards, canvas awnings with twinkling lights. . .I'll take some photos the night of the party. It really is AWESOME. I have to share, Carmen, the animal lover that she is, has chosen to donate all the raffle ticket monies to our local Butte Humane Society. She has the cutest little dogs (one looks like a miniature lion king) and a frog, which she's adopted, Phelps~a picture of him is posted to her blog.
This is the featured quilt which Carmen and staff designed. It's beautiful, photos honestly don't do it justice. The cream fabric is a cotton crinkle (from Robert Kaufman) and the border is a chocolate velvet. Kits for the quilt will be available through the webstore! I sound like a PSA, but I can't help it, the quilt is so pretty! Oh, Terri and Meagan, don't purchase copies, I have one for each of you!
As for me, I finished my ZZ quilt top for Round 2 of the Ol' Red Barn Quilt Along. I'm happy with the results, the colors remind me of popsicles!
I mentioned in an earlier post I used triangle paper for this project. And this is why. . .my points align perfectly. I use triangle paper for ALL my half-square triangle projects. There's never any blocks to trim, no wonkiness or stretched bias~all of the blocks are the EXACT same size. The secret, the fabric isn't cut until AFTER the blocks are sewn. With this particular project, I was able to add two additional blocks to each row with the same amount of fabric. . . pretty, cool!
I really love Nettie's Princess & The Pea Quilt and have decided to make a quilt using the same focal fabric, here's the beginnings of block #1; my idea is to stitch 4 Princess blocks alternating color ways for the logs. The green is a raw silk~I love it!
I've reinforced the Princess fabric and silks with a lightweight fusible stabilizer to keep the fabrics from stretching and completely unraveling (silk). The stabilizer I use works GREAT with fabrics, which shall we say, have a mind of their own. It is VERY lightweight and after being washed, is hardly noticeable.

I hope you all are well~I'm off to reaquaint myself with your blog and flickr posts. Enjoy your extra day this weekend! ~smiles and warm thoughts~D


  1. love the ZZ top, such pretty colors!!!

  2. Your finished zigzag quilt looks fabulous! Love those colors. Cute way to feature that Princess and the Pea fabric; it looks like it was framed. Congrats to Honey Run for being featured in the Quilt Sampler magazine! That is really exciting. I didn't realize it was that time of year already.

    By the way, thank you so much for the promo on my new shop! I'm excited to be on the Etsy adventure train.

  3. Enjoyed your blog today! Quilt shop news...yeah! great zig-zag! and that princess and the pea is my favorite!
    great job!

  4. Love, love Heathers' Princess & the Pea fabric! Saw your comment about liking my newest Mill House Inn line... so glad to be in your group of favorites!


  5. Hi, Dorrie. Thanks for making me a contact on Flickr -- I LOVE your work! I'm so glad I found your blog in your Flickr profile. If you like Anna Maria Horner fabrics, stop by my blog:
    I'm having a Good Folks giveaway :)

  6. I got the Quilt Sampler the other day and couldn't put it down. I loved the story about the Honey Run quilt store. I just wish I could visit all the stores featured each spring and fall.

    I've been wanting to make a zigzag quilt - I just might have to try that paper.

  7. Hi Dorrie! What a sweet little Princess in the Pea. I love that fabric and now I see a way to use it thanks to you! So proud of Honey Run too, the shop looks beautiful and that classroom is just an extreme makeover!! Hope to sew with you soon! Pam in Chico

  8. Such a nice blog! Great meeting you last night.


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