Quite A Stack & A Front Porch View

Friday, September 18, 2009

Well, Round 2 of the 9-patch Quilt Along is quickly coming to an end, and what fun it has been! No stress, one block a day (or sometimes 5 or 6 over the weekend to catch up) and in just over two months, enough blocks for an entire quilt! The best part is my scrap bucket has taken a huge hit! Most fabrics represented here are those of my last three projects~the 9-patch will tie them all together.
What a stack~61 blocks, with only 9 left to make!

I know this isn't the best picture ever shot, but it is the view from my front porch looking toward the coastal mountain range of the Pacific Ocean. I try to take a minute each evening to take this all in. We're in the country and have no neighbors to block our view. If you were to walk off my porch, across the valley and over those mountains you'd find yourself in Ft. Bragg or Mendocino. . .ahh, it would be a perfect trip right-about now, we're still seeing temps in the 100° 's and as much a California girl as I am, I am for sure ready for a little cool weather~ maybe even a little rain.

Hope you enjoy your view.


  1. Ft Bragg, we were stationed there for a little while. So hot, and a lot of bugs! Beautiful view!

  2. What a beautiful view!!! Now that's "home".

    Love the blocks Dorrie - I've been inspired by the 9 patch quilts that I've seen lately and have decided to start one from my scrap bin. Thank you for sharing!

  3. i've been working on my 9 patch too..but of course, i'm behind. Thanks for the inspiration to GET GOING!
    oooh! I love that sunset!

  4. Wow, Dorrie, that sunset is so beautiful! It's hard to get those vibrant colors with the camera. Your stack of 9-patches look just as lovely! I really need to find a way (and some time) to put a dent in my scrap stash.

  5. Well Dorrie, I would love to come and see that sunset some day! Those 9 patches look awesome! Hope all is well Chico friend, Pam

  6. gorgeous stack and what a wonderful sunset. lucky you!


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