In A Bind

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well, I've gone ahead and jumped on Jacquie's Joy In The New Year Challenge ~ I've listed the projects in my sidebar to help keep me motivated and it'll be fun to remove them as they're completed. I'm starting with these three; they each need binding. The top quilt needs binding and to be washed by November 23rd~it's heading down to the pediatrics department of Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento. The next, is a birthday gift for Colby's instructional aide, Lisa. She is a miracle in her own right~she deserves a whole houseful of quilts! The 3rd quilt just needs to be finished, the girls are using it without a binding, just a little embarrassing.

Do you have a stack of WIP to finish up before the New Year?


  1. Good for you! The quilts all look lovely and well worth finishing! I'm afraid to figure out how many UFOs and WIPs I have. Several just need backs and to get over to the quilters. I also have a couple of pay it forward-type projects (3 for 2010, but 3 to be done by the end of this year). I need to get it into gear!

  2. What a great list to try to accomplish by the end of the year! All those bindings should go pretty fast. I was going to join in but it's such a hard time of year since i have some Christmas things to finish first. I might make January my UFO month. Have fun!

  3. You are busy! These all look great, too.. thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog--I really appreciate it. Good luck on your quilts!

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  5. What a way to end the year!

    I can see how the unfinished projects build up. I'm a fairly new quilter and I already have a few. I do not have the time to finish them up by the end of the year but I would like progress towards a finish.


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