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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another finish! I need to thank Jacquie for her motivation. Each day I plug away at the "Need to Finish" pile. Binding takes me forever, it's the OCD in me; I want all the stitches to be uniform~like anyone's going to check. This is the quilt for Lisa. Lisa is Colby's aide in school. She is an unbelievable human being with more kindness, patience and dedication than anyone I've ever known. She loves my son, and for this I'm eternally grateful. Her birthday falls on Christmas, so I wanted her quilt to shout "Happy Birthday!" without a trace of "Merry Christmas!" I hope she enjoys it.
These little Friendship Bags are so addicting! It's a good thing, I'm making quite a few for the kids to give to the secretaries at their schools and their teachers. The kids will make something yummy to fill them with. Christmas is so much more fun when it's homemade. Speaking of homemade here is my version of carrot cake~cream cheese frosting and all. Hayley insists on taking pictures of every baked good that passes through the kitchen~which is a lot. I made this to go along with the traditional pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. It was a hit!

Have a good weekend and stay warm~that means you Terri, on your outing for the perfect Christmas tree!


  1. well....I want to comment on everything! It's so nice you have a great aide for your son! and what a great gift! Your comments about true and that cake looks so Yummy! It's also nice to have another option on the traditional "pie" day.

  2. How did you guys know I love carrot cake! That one looks so moist and delicious.

    What a wonderful birthday/Christmas gift to gift your son's teacher's aide. I bet she will love it. I haven't gotten very far on my UFO list, which I'm hoping to tackle in January.

    We had sunshine today, so I was able to stay warm! Thanks for the Christmas cheer!

  3. I love that quilt! It's so pretty.. she will love it I'm sure.

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  5. such a beautiful quilt and thoughtful gift. She will greatly appreciate your effort I am sure. Sandi is my daughter and I have a son with challenges so we both understand the extra daily needs of your family. therefore, I am extra impressed with your accomplishments. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Jodi

  6. this is thoughtful and i'm sure it was appreciated!


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