The Ruthie Clutch

Sunday, December 12, 2010

This was my first attempt at the Ruthie Clutch by Anna Maria Horner. I was looking for a pattern which I could incorporate some of the wonderful wools we have at HRQ. This patterns seemed to accommodate that desire. I chose a cotton for the body of the bag; wool for the band and a dupioni silk in mist for the lining.
The pattern itself is well written and has detailed diagrams.
And I *love* her non-buttonhole technique! I work tomorrow, I wonder what other cotton/wool combinations I can come up with. . .

Modern Swapper Project Complete

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Project Modern Swappers is now complete. I do believe I enjoy these little swaps even more than the VQB's I'm in. It's so much fun teasing your unknowing partner. Along with the string quilt I posted earlier, I also tried my hand at embroidery hoop art. The doodle stitching was fun, I had a hard time getting past the raw edge issue at first, but I think it came out quite cute! Also, included will be some thread and a FQ pack of Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow fabrics.

I hope she'll enjoy!

A New Fondness. . .

Monday, November 29, 2010

This is my latest "mini" quilt. I'm part of this round's Modern Swappers group, and this is the project I came up with. My partner has modeled her sewing room in orange, purple and gray. Initially, I was a bit hesitant; but, I definitely have a new fondness for this color combination. It reminds of sweet grape and orange popsicles on a warm summer day. With the exception of the gray, this was stitched up with strips leftover from several larger projects. I did a square spiral quilting to emphasis the strips. Wouldn't a full size quilt in this colorway be fun!

Hope you all had a lovely holiday!

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like. . .

Friday, November 12, 2010

Yes, the holidays are approaching and this year I'm really looking forward to them. I've dug into my FQ stash of favorite Christmas fabrics this year (12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain) and finished a couple of little projects.

First, the little Friendship Bag~instead of 1 1/2" strips, I just fussy cut the front and back panels to accentuate the wee people ice skating.
Same with the Hexagon Needle Book I just can't get enough of this print. A whimsical Christmas~that's for me!

A Little of This and A Little of That. . .

Sunday, October 3, 2010

October has blew in with wild abandon. We had several 100°+ days this week, but the nights have been very cool~Autumn is upon us. We decided to head to our favorite day spot for one final harrah before the holidays and chilly weather set in. Oldest son decided not to join us, there was hunting to be done. The cold waters of Butte Creek didn't stop the kids from doing some body surfing, I remember doing that when I was there age. Too cold for me now.
I settled for being the photographer. Butte Meadows holds so many memories for me, honestly there is no place I love to visit more. I spent summers here as a kid, met my husband here, turned 21 in one of the local establishments, cut our Christmas tree each year; well the list goes on.
Look at the water, it's really moving. I was a little scared to let the kids play, but John gave me one of those "we used to do it" looks~what's a mom to do. . . I still love to climb from rock to rock and walk the fallen trees.
A little sewing too. My baby is 100 miles away being serviced; so I've been using my little Janome. This little hexy needle holder is one of the projects I finished this weekend. I love the Farmdale print by Alexander Henry.Used a soft wool for the inside. Also, took a trip to my favorite bead store to pick a few apples for pin toppers. I love making fun pins for my cushions!I've also decided to follow along with Amy and cut into my Flea Market Fancy to make a quilt for myself. I've cut half the prints, 21 remain~the reds, pinks, yellows and golds. I'm tired of cutting I want to sew!
Here's my plan, all drawn up. I can't wait to see it come together.

Happy October everyone!

Embroidery~En Francais

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I've noticed recently all the excitement out there in blogland of the embroidery designs coming out of Japan. But have you seen THESE? I picked these two books up from this Etsy shop. Yes, the books are in French (those 4 years of high school French are finally paying off~thank you, Madamoiselle Niles), but the instructions are straight forward and user friendly. All the thread colors are numbered for DMC~I prefer Cosmo Floss so I'll have to convert the numbers, but that's easy peasy. French designs, Japanese Floss~tres internationale. I thought I'd share a design or two. . .aren't they sweet?
I love this little fawn with the polka dot tree. . .How cute would this be embroidered on a kitchen towel. . .
And we could all use this one for inspiration in our sewing space. . . Je t'aime!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally finished! The quilt has been done for nearly 4 weeks, but we had a horrible time trying to take that "just right" photograph. It's still not exactly what I had invisioned, but my husband and daughter were ready to shoot me and bury me out back if I didn't choose something! Oh, and the name was almost as difficult~we decided on Loco Motion. . . snappish. The quilt will be offered as a kit at Pacific International Quilt Festival next month in Santa Clara, CA. I'm so excited!
In other sewing news, my friend Patti shared this pattern with me~The Newport Tote by Lazy Girl Designs. Wasn't a big fan of the bag pictured on the cover, but I love it with these little bicycles! It has a couple of great pockets; I added a magnetic closure and a key fob~because I can't ever leave well enough alone. Somehow between the time I finished the bag and the picture I snapped, one of my beloved housemates (i.e., children or husband) managed to get mashed potatoes on the handles and on the inner lining. One adult husband, 3 teenagers, and 2 tweenagers and still we have issues with mashed potatoes. . .I just don't know.

Have a good day!

In Loving Memory. . .

Saturday, September 11, 2010

May God walk with each of us today as we remember the events of September 11, 2001. Offer a prayer of thanks for those who survived, and one of gratitude for those who did not. Lest, we not forget the many men and women who continue to defend our country on foreign soil; they too need to be recognized and appreciated for the job they wake to each morning.

Modern Improv

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still working on a name for this one~This was such a fun project; cutting strips and sewing them down~I did jot down some notes as I went, though. This is one of two projects I've recently patterned. The pattern jacket will be back from the printers on Monday, given I can come up with a name by Friday. I'm excited! Honey Run Quilters will be carrying the pattern and I've been contacted by other shops, as well. It will also be traveling to Pacific International Quilt Festival with HRQ. If you're in the area, stop by the booth and say hello to Carmen, Amanda and Theresa.
Speaking of Amanda, here's a Modern Improv based on a fractured crystals pattern. It's absolutely stunning! Lots of Kaffe~she loves Kaffe!
Theresa has also been busy, this is a pattern she calls Chocolate Patchwork. The original was done in all rich dark, prints thus the name. The current version is done in soft voile and quilted with wool batting~to die for! We photographed it here at the farm. Theresa has been asked to design a quilt for the cover of Quilter's Home this winter. I tease her of her celebrity status!

Well, it's off to detention sewing for me; I'm delinquent in my Bee Blocks for August. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

A Little Zipper Pouch

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kids are off for their 2nd day of school~so I've found myself a bit of sewing time. My stash of Far, Far, Away 2 has been willing me to do something with it so I thought a little zipper pouch might be fun.

Bethy wouldn't pick a new pencil pouch for school during our Target outing because she thought a homemade one would be more unique. A swish of my sewing fairy wand and here it is! (Maybe more than one swish. . .) It even coordinates nicely with her backpack.

Happy stitching!

Bee Block and a New Toy

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just a quick post, I've been working on Bee blocks for the past 2 days trying to catch up. This block is for Nichole, my Quilter Bee buddy. She mailed the best strip set for this spider web block. Now I'm completely caught up with July. . .on to August! You may have noticed the little bit of aqua love. . .say hello to Hello Kitty! This is the HK version of Janome's Harmony 1017. It's for Bethy~she loves it! We picked up a 1/4" foot for it at our local dealer to help her with her seams when she pieces. It's the little things. . .

Happy Wednesday!

A Few Summer Things

Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's hard to believe I've not posted one single thing since June~and tomorrow marks the 1st of August! We've had quite a busy month. Lots of fruits and vegetable growing on the farm. Blackberries have produced unbelievably this year~3 gallons per day, I've literally filled the freezer with them. Peaches are just now beginning to ripen; we'll move on from blackberry pie to peach cobbler.Warm weather has found my family in the pool each day and enjoying late night barbecues, poolside, of course.
Hexagons have been a favorite project of mine~I quartered a charm pack of Moda's Hunky Dory and baste them up a few at a time. I even made a little zipper pouch from some leftover canvas to tote them about.
More sewing includes an improv quilt made as a store sample for HRQ; it's not my usual style, but it's growing on me. It's made of the Gee's Bend solids. I love the fabrics, but they're definitely pre-washers!
I also have some new fabrics I've added to my stash. The toaster print will be pajama bottoms~I fell in love with this~it's super fun and the background is such a soft robin's egg blue.
Another new favorite is the Meadow Sweet 2 collection. I love yellow and aqua.
I'll leave you with a photo of one of our hibiscus blooms. I'm now off to redeem myself with my favorite bloggers; in neglecting my own blog, I've failed to sit down and keep up with virtual friends, Dee, Terry, Amanda and Beth. And the word on the street is, these ladies have some pretty interesting things to share.

Hexies, Treasure and Some Dessert Love

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Remember when I blogged about my hexies? And how I had a special plan for these. . .
Well, here's the nearly finished product~see the binding waiting so patiently? Haven't quite got to that yet. I've been participating the Hexagon Along, but I also made these in a bigger size 1.5". Instead of hand piecing, I fused these to a piece of sheer-weight interfacing. Being careful to snug them together really closely. It worked! Once fused, I layered it with batting and a backing piece and machine quilted 1/8" inside each hexy. I'm thinking of doing a table runner using this method.
This one however, will have it's place on the newly "trash to treasure" dresser Hayley and I just finished. I wish I'd taken before photos~you would have never believed it was the same piece. It had been faux painted with an oil base paint. It took two coats of stripper to remove all of the old paint. We sanded it, filled the nicks with wood putty, applied primer and then this wonderful blue-grey paint. Hayley and I found these shabby chic glass knobs at Target. We're both in love. It's in our sun room and will hold quilts (of course), board games and cards. My husband wants to put a flat screen on it, ah. . .NO! On the homefront, my mom celebrated her 78th birthday this past week. She came over and we celebrated with delicious taco salads, watermelon and her favorite dessert~homemade angel food cake with cream, chocolate sauce and berries straight from the garden. Happy Birthday mom!

Tweet, Tweet!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tufted Tweets, that is! My latest quilt finish. I so very *heart* this fabric from Laurie Wisbrun. I've named it~Make Yourself Comfortable; yes, I name all my quilts. Laurie's the same gal who has those AWESOME donkeys in rainboots over at Scarlet Fig. Robert Kaufman was lucky enough to pick Laurie up as one of their new designers. These are the cutest prints~with orchid, sorbet, grass and sky colorways. The solid is Kona Charcoal; and the purple, blue and green solids are Kaufman Dimensions.
My friend Patty (at Uniquely Quilted) did the awesome machine quilting on her super cool computerized Statler Stitcher. The quilt is now on display at HRQ right next to those 12 luscious bolts of Tufted Tweets!
And, on the homefront, I have yet another tidbit to share in what's turning out to be a saga for Bethy in the Parenting 101 department this summer. Mom (that's me) upstairs quilting a little table runner when Bethy comes bounding up the stairs wailing and mumbling something about how I can ground her for the entire summer, but "mommy, please come help~I handcuffed Colby to the bed." Okay, first the handcuffs are not mine~they're a trinket my husband found in a car he purchased and is restoring. He gave the handcuffs to John (son #1) because he thought they were "cool". Yes, Colby was handcuffed, but just sitting on the bed while Cassidy (daughter #2) was trying to find the key to the handcuffs. Of course, John has no idea where the key was. I wasn't too worried, the cuffs weren't tight, and my cousin is a police officer here locally~ worst case scenario I'd have to call Richard and drive Colby to him to have him decuffed. Cassidy being the level headed kid she is, dug through the "junk" drawer and found the key. Colby is now a free man and enjoying a toasted cheese sandwich in the living room anticipating a late afternoon movie date with his mom and sisters~Iron Man 2. Seriously Bethy, give mom a break! Am I going to have stories to tell her kids!

Totes and Some A-Team Magic

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I've completed quite a few projects this week~these two bags included. They're made with a soft blanket weight fabric, nice and slouchy. . .and in the 40% off closet at my LQS.
Tried my hand at snaps~easy peasy.
Also, a loop closure with a hand-painted wooden button~beautifully green.
Another wooden button~just for looks.

Have I ever blogged about how much I love A-Team television. These 4 guys were my favorite TV heros. I was their biggest fan. Honestly. I would stay home from school dances, ball games, the works, just to watch these guys be the vanguards of justice. I'm still a fan. I own 4 of the 5 seasons on DVD (season 5 with new writers and new story line was the series downfall). I listen to it while I sew. My daughter's volleyball team adopted one of Murdock's lines from one episode as their team slogan. . ."I'm a bird, I'm a plane, I'm a choo-choo train!"
And because of them I can't wait for this ~ because after all, there is no Plan B.

Hexagons and Parenting 101

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm quite in love with hexagons. Especially being able to piece them in such clever fashion. This is the Kaffe jelly roll quilt. Completed with Fons & Porters hexagon ruler~best purchase ever!
And there's also this option. . . MoMo makes it hip and again, used a jelly roll. This is a Hexagon-A-Long project over at Old Red Barn Company. . .
But, there's also these handpieced little cuties of which I've been attempting to destash my scrap bin with; leftovers from this quilt.
And, also these from a FQ bundle (thank you Fat Quarter Shop) I purchased specifically for this purpose. These are larger, and no basting~just an iron and a lotta starch! I've got a plan for these which doesn't include hand piecing them all together~I'll be revealing the top secret plan in a later post. Giggles.

Oh, and I have to leave you with a bit of Parenting 101. When you're a mom of 5 and your kids are good kids~no drugs, no booze, good grades, nice friends, love sports and their vegetables~ you sometimes find yourself with one of those "my kids are the best kids in the whole entire world" attitudes. Yes, yes. Well, when one gets too full of herself sometimes life gives your a big ol' swat. I made the mistake of leaving the confines of the house. Daughter #3 decides to phone her best pal Sarah. Sarah's phone number is 891-1***, well let's see if you can figure out which number sticks on our house phone. . .yep, the 8. Sheriff picks up, Daughter #3 realizing what she'd done stutters, starts to cry and hangs up. Sheriff phones back, no answer. Sheriff dispatches deputy to our home. I bought a new phone. Never go outside. We weren't even through our 1st full day of summer break. Wow.
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