A Little In Progress Work

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not much time spent in the sewing room lately~the kids have been sick and then I managed to get it too. And I've been working quite a bit at HRQ. But I have managed to cut the fabrics for a simple throw I've been wanting to make (based on this quilt of Ashley's). I've recently acquired a love for Kaffe Fassett fabrics, I just love all of the florals~maybe I'm wishing Spring to arrive.
I've completed Theresa's blocks~she's our January Quilter Bee. She requested blocks based on Kaffe Fassett's Jewel Squares quilt. She sent each of us some of Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley fabrics~ something else I'm loving at the moment! Anna made this block and I'm wishing it were mine.

I haven't forgot about my blog awards, ladies. I'll post them this week. My goal is to be more consistent with my posts hoping to reach my 100th blog post by my birthday in May. And in honor of this momentous occasion I will be hosting a giveaway!

Weekend Projects & Some Leftovers

Sunday, January 17, 2010

For a while now I've been wanting to build one of those wonky neighborhoods. Jacquie has done some very cute little mini's which I just L.O.V.E. This quilt is very much based on those minis. And in the center of all this, a very splashy sunshine (again, a Jacquie inspiration). I've just begun the quilting. . .
The quilt itself is a 46" square. It's a blend of raw edge and pieced blocks. I just had to add a clothesline with some laundry courtesy of my Kaffe scraps.
We also have a bit of leftover Christmas spirit, in the form of cookie dough. It makes me smile when the Christmas spirit is so easily sparked by something so "everyday" as cookie dough. I brought the forgotten dough in from the outside fridge (yes, 5 kids require 2 fridges), and all of a sudden, here come the cookie cutters, the sprinkles, the Christmas music, and a Christmas episode of Scooby-doo. The kids had so much fun with this. . .even the older two thought it was fun. All 5 of my kids gathered 'round the kitchen table, laughing, humming Christmas carol's and chasing stray sugar crystals. Christmas without all the stress. Totally fun!

Enjoy this long weekend courtesy of Dr. King.

Oh, and being the huge football fan that I am. . .GO CHARGERS!

Fall Mini Update, A Birthday Block and A Rant

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Fall Mini Quilt Swap quilt is finished! It's very autumnly (is that a word. . .). I hope the recipient will enjoy it. The fabrics are from an older Moda line~boasting pumpkins, clever little ears of corn and a snappish plaid which ties it all together. I love plaids. . . almost as much as polka dots~my friend Terri can attest to that. The project was a bit more challenging for me this time around. . .my swap partner hasn't a blog, nor a flickr and stated no preference. I wasn't even able to lurk (LOL)! Given these circumstances, I went with the traditional block in a seasonal colorway. It's off to Ohio today. . .good-bye little pointy stars!
In December I joined a birthday block swap. This is Amanda's block. She requested a wonky log cabin to finish at 13" all done up in blue and green. This one's heading to New York.
I usually don't go on and on about my son's autism. When I began my blog, I designed it to be about the creative endeavors in my life. Usually, I post something regarding autism during April which is Autism Awareness Month. Today is an exception, so if you'll indulge my rant, I'll be most gracious.
Today, is Colby's annual IEP. For those of you without children or those with mainstream kids, IEP is an acronym for Individual Education Plan. In attendance there will be Colby's principal, his mainstream teacher, his Special Day teacher, a school psychologist, his speech therapist and adaptive PE specialist, my oldest daughter, Hayley (thank, God) and myself. How's that for parent/teacher conference. I hate these. I don't sleep for a week prior. Until last year, it seems this annual meeting was more like an annual bashing. I've since learned to navigate through them with a positive demeanor. To better understand, please note, we moved Colby from his neighborhood school (best academic program in the District, I might add) to attend his current school which offers a Special Day class. This, separating him from his twin sister.
We had such a positive year last year. I wish the same could be said of the current one. His mainstream teacher has indicated he's "burnt out" with special day kids. . .oh, I'm sorry. I hadn't so much as received a returned homework assignment until Monday of this week, after I "went off".

His special day teacher has changed his routine (routine is ESSENTIAL to children with autism) 5x since the school year has begun. And now is wondering "what's wrong with Colby?" Hmmmm. . .let's think on that shall we. She finds the need to have him stand in the hallway as punishment, whereas it's clearly stated in his IEP he is to "take a lap" when he's feeling he can't cope. Colby has a 1:1 aide who is wonderful, and is now being shuffled off to make copies and run errands. What! AND, the 2 teachers don't collaborate on homework, daily activities or modifications and choose not to include his aide in decisions which she should have input. Hello! Might I add, Colby is high functioning, verbal and relatively mild mannered; he does have his moments, however. He's completing math and science at the 7th grade level and is grade level in all other subjects. He does 2x as much homework as the other kids, because I push him to be his very best.

In addition, Bethany has pulled out most of her eyelashes and has lost hair on the crown of her head the diameter of a soup can. Why, stress~caused from separation anxiety. I'm done. . .done with special day, done with teacher's who are mean, and done subjecting the twins to unnecessary turmoil. Today, we will respectfully request a return transfer to Colby's neighborhood school. Breathe.

What should you as a parent or prospective parent take from this. Research, research, research before you vaccinate your children. Mercury is still used in vaccines and the pharmaceutical companies admit to it. Across the board, statistics are now 1 in 150 and as high as 1 in 50 for boys. EDUCATE yourself. Children are not born with autism, they acquire it.

Parents, attend your child's parent/teacher conferences~take sick leave, vacation time~ whatever it takes. . .DO IT! Be involved, drive field trips, volunteer in the classroom, be an advocate. . .and be thankful you have a mainstream child. With those of you who join me as parents/family of children with special needs. . .here's a hug. . .you deserve it.

Happy New Year!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello everyone! I hope your holidays were merry and bright! It was VERY busy around the Richer household this past December. Gifts for teachers, baking, shopping, family, more baking (so much in fact I have developed a wonderful case of tendonitis is my right arm!) We also had a small disaster two days before Christmas~our wonderful Soma bed struck a leak~wet carpets, wet bedding~the whole works. We decided not to replace the bag and purchased a new conventional bed with a most comfortable pillowtop mattress. I will sleep better at night
knowing my bed isn't going to destroy my entire bedroom floor!

Along with Christmas and New Year's I've been plugging away at a few projects~first, my Fall Mini Quilt Swap~all pinned and ready for machine quilting. I'll have to hurry~it has to be in the mail by January 18th. I hope my swapper enjoys this, it's all done in creme, brown and orange for a truly autumn feel.
December was Heidi's month to receive Quilter Bee blocks. I love the fabrics she chose~Aster Manor from Moda. They're so feminine and soft. Here's her block.
I've also been working on this half-hexagon quilt. I was really excited when I came across this quilt along, not too excited about a paper template, however. Well, Fons & Porter came through! I used a "jelly roll" of Kaffe Fassett and F&P's hexagon ruler~I really love this! And the ruler allows you to make several sizes of hexagons and half-hexagons. I'll be making another of these, I'm sure!
I've also pulled together from my scrap basket these blue/green fabrics for the Birthday Block Swap I'm participating in. Both Amanda and Cari have requested blue/green fabric combos~ hope these'll do. I've included my very favorite Kaffe polka dot!

Be back later this week!
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