Good Folks Snugly Flannel

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some garment sewing happening today. Total, I'm making 3 pair of pajama bottoms (aka lounge pants) for my 3 girls. The first pair is for Cassidy. While in HRQ the other day she spied a bolt of Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks flannel. It is super soft, nicely weighted and pretty, pretty, pretty!
Stopped by Heartstrings Yarn Studio (another dangerous shop) and picked up some very girly, pink velvet trim. . .It's a good thing I don't know how to knit. . .BEE-utiful stuff. Actually, there's a wool bag in there I now want. . .
And every good pair of pajama's needs a pocket to fill with hair bands, I-pod headphones and gum wrappers.

One pair down, 2 to go. . .the next pair will be with Amy Butler's Love flannel. . .sweet~

More Love

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day everyone! A day dedicated to love and chocolate~flowers, too but I prefer them in my garden! We're enjoying a bit of sunshine here, a nice break from all the rain. It was 65° and sunny yesterday~aaahhh! So in honor of everything sunny, I'm sharing my mini~Hung Out to Dry. I haven't quite finished quilting my larger version~I had to unsew some of the quilting, and it discouraged me. Quilt Rush 2010 is coming in April (15 stores, 4 days, prizes, cool fabrics, food. . .) and HRQ is one of the participating shops. Each store has a quilt challenge and this year's theme is Rock Around The Block. Carmen asked each of us to interpret the theme to spark creativity in the contestants. And since Jacquie has me hooked on these little guys~I thought it perfect for the event. Would you like to see some of my co-workers projects. . .
This one is Gayle's. Cute little embroidered path, a raw-edged flower garden (she loves her garden) and a very smiley sun! Her granddaughter refers to her visits here as Camp Chico~thus the name!
This is JoAnn's. Every little detail on this project is needle turn applique and it's perfect. The picture doesn't even begin to do it justice. It's really beautiful.Here's Kate's quilt! She's the youngest member of the crew. Beautiful African-themed fabrics. There's so much color and energy in the fabrics, it has a vibe. I'll share more later. . .Though Valentine's Day is only once a year, there is love all around us, everyday. Simple things fill our lives with love and happiness~a text, phone call or surprise visit from someone near and dear; a big love from our favorite cat or dog; a favorite pillow; watching the old folks holding hands as they walk down the street. . .and even this carelessly placed hair band on the coffee table worn by one of my 3 baby girls today. Love it's everywhere.

Drunk Love and Kaffe

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quilter Bee Sharon is our gal for February. She's requested blocks resembling Denyse Schmidt's Drunk Love pattern. We each were sent light and dark gray Kona's (love) and just a splash of color to give it flavor. Touch on the link to check out the other blocks. And speaking of my Bee sisters, you HAVE to visit this post, Anna has finished her quilt we've all contributed to~what a great neighborhood! I just love those little houses.
My Springtime In Kaffe quilt top is complete. I hope I like it more once it's quilted. At this point it reminds of a 1970's togo party at 2:00am~

Happy stitching friends!
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