Busy Bee

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My sewing room has been seeing all kinds of action. . .but my in progress projects aren't shrinking! I've been working on virtual bee blocks. This one is for Adrienne from the Quilter Bee group. She requested each of us make a block resembling a quilt. I just love the floral print.
These two are for Anna, my Sew 2 Speak buddy. Wonky log cabins, I'm beginning to feel more comfortable with these types of blocks~not so concerned with straight lines. Pretty lavenders and pinks mixed with batiks. . .super cute fabrics.
And, finally, Greta's block. My gal pal from Bee Stitched. Greta sent us each 50 print squares and some gray Kona requesting this star block. Very pretty. . .no two prints are duplicated. The quilt is going to be yummy! Notice the Flea Market Fancy prints. . .

Happy Spring everyone!


  1. you have been busy! pretty blocks!!

  2. looks like you are keeping quite busy with all those bee blocks. Each one is so different, and gorgeous. I especially adore Greta's block with the gray contrast.

  3. The last block is my favorite! The others have pretty colors, and okay, the cute block that is first was my favorite because of the "window" look, but everything you do is awesome!

    Thanks and Happy Warmer Days right back atcha!

  4. oh nice Dorrie! love that gray don't you?


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