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Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's once again time to mail off all of my VQB blocks. Angie, of Quilter Bees, asked for 2 blocks with circles of our choice. The quilt is being made for ALS charity. It'll be donated to an ALS patient or raffled to benefit ALS research. One is a simple circle on a snowball block~a sort of double circle if you consider the snowball block to be a circle. The other is a wonky circle~I like wonky circles~I used a machine blanket stitch to sew them to their background blocks.

May is my month to send fabrics and receive blocks for this particular group~I'm kind of excited. I'm planning a Christmas themed project, so I'll be guaranteed a new Christmas quilt by the time the holidays roll around.
The Flying Dutchman is Block #1 for Ruth of Bee Stitched. She asked for one block made with triangles. . .and another made as a circle. Well, everyone knows behind every great man there's a lady~so I'm sending this Single Girl block to accompany the Dutchman above. I found a download by Jennifer Paganelli which has the quarter circle, paper pieced segments to form the circle. The original block is much too large, so when printing the pages for paper piecing I reduced the print size in my Page Setup menu to 85%~a perfect fit! The outer and inner edges are turned and machine stitched to eliminate raw edges. Here's the link to the download, if you'd like to give it a try. The fabrics are a combination of Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt and Timber by Jessica Levitt~such a pretty combination, no wonder it's so popular.Elaine, of Sew 2 Speak, requested wonky houses~I know they're not very wonky, I have linear balance issues, but I think they're cute, irregardless. Made with batiks on a Kona Ash background, it will be a beautiful quilt.

Enjoy your week~it's off to work at HRQ tomorrow. I wonder what new fabric has arrived. . .


  1. Love love love your bee blocks! Every single one of them. Thanks for the tips and link to the single girl block - always wanted to try that. Makes me want to pick up some Hope Valley fabrics too. I also love that Flying Dutchman block. Love seeing your productivity!

  2. Even thought they're all astonishingly beautiful and awe inspiring, I think the first circle one is my favorite.

    Can't wait to see what you're sending out for you Christmas quilt!

    I always get a smile and gorgeous eye candy when I come here!


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