Okay, Maybe I Do Have A Problem. . .

Friday, April 23, 2010

I realize many of us share the same, let's call them, issues when it comes to fabric. And there are times when a fabric line comes along with which we are simply more enamoured with than others. . . right? Just as long as we're all on the same page. . .I'm not going down alone on this one. . . This is a bit of Martinique by 3 Sisters for Moda. We received this "cheater" fabric at HRQ and I thought it looked especially wonderful with the aqua chenille~a wonderful spring to summer throw. . .
Then, I thought I might pick up a charm pack or two. . .you know for one of those Disappearing 9-Patch quilts I've evidently become so famous for (locally, not globally). Reasonable . . .
The more I looked at the chenille next to the square-patch and the more I sorted through those sweet little charm squares, I realized I still needed more. . .Yep, an entire FQ tower and 3 yards of the prettiest print in the bunch.
Thank you, Moda. . .I know who to ask to testify on my behalf at my divorce hearing.
Here's a paper weight my husband made during one of his glass blowing endeavors. He's pretty good. . .


  1. Well, it looks like your husband might appreciate creative endeavors. And I imagine glass blowing could get a little expensive, too. Perhaps you won't be heading to court after all :).

  2. It always helps when your hubby's hobbies outcost yours. Encourage him to be the best he can be at what he's doing! LOL

    Really, though. I know what you mean. I've been trying to be so good and that's why I like vintage sheets and pillowcases. $.50 for a pillowcase is way more explainable than the $625 I'd like to spend on my hobby!

    These fabrics are very pretty and I really like the aqua!

    Happy weekend to all of the creative critters at your house!

    ps the glass is beautiful. maybe he could make one to match your fabric?

  3. Oh you are my kind of gal Dorrie! It's not a problem, it's a lifestyle! xo Pam

  4. We all understand your fabric passion!!;)

  5. I know exactly what you are talking about with the fabric! I've been there - and will go there again soon I'm sure.

    I love his paper weight! It's so pretty.

  6. You are so funny, with your admission here about your addiction to the Martinique fabrics. I haven't seen these, so I better check them out! I also love the combination of the chenille, making it so snuggly. Your husband's glass blowing project looks amazing - I love that too!

  7. "Hello Dorrie, Welcome to Fabric Addicts Anonymous"

    hahahah this post made me laugh, love you!

  8. Dorrie, it looks like perhaps your creativity is being passed to your hubby. His paperweight is gorgeous! I bet he could sell some of them! (A nice way to pay for your habit!! LOL)


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