Hexagons and Parenting 101

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm quite in love with hexagons. Especially being able to piece them in such clever fashion. This is the Kaffe jelly roll quilt. Completed with Fons & Porters hexagon ruler~best purchase ever!
And there's also this option. . . MoMo makes it hip and again, used a jelly roll. This is a Hexagon-A-Long project over at Old Red Barn Company. . .
But, there's also these handpieced little cuties of which I've been attempting to destash my scrap bin with; leftovers from this quilt.
And, also these from a FQ bundle (thank you Fat Quarter Shop) I purchased specifically for this purpose. These are larger, and no basting~just an iron and a lotta starch! I've got a plan for these which doesn't include hand piecing them all together~I'll be revealing the top secret plan in a later post. Giggles.

Oh, and I have to leave you with a bit of Parenting 101. When you're a mom of 5 and your kids are good kids~no drugs, no booze, good grades, nice friends, love sports and their vegetables~ you sometimes find yourself with one of those "my kids are the best kids in the whole entire world" attitudes. Yes, yes. Well, when one gets too full of herself sometimes life gives your a big ol' swat. I made the mistake of leaving the confines of the house. Daughter #3 decides to phone her best pal Sarah. Sarah's phone number is 891-1***, well let's see if you can figure out which number sticks on our house phone. . .yep, the 8. Sheriff picks up, Daughter #3 realizing what she'd done stutters, starts to cry and hangs up. Sheriff phones back, no answer. Sheriff dispatches deputy to our home. I bought a new phone. Never go outside. We weren't even through our 1st full day of summer break. Wow.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Where does the time go. Were daddy and I not just bringing you home from the hospital. And now you're graduating junior high. Today, we made special memories. Though 8th grade promotion may not be looked upon as a "major" milestone, I think it is. Two years ago you came to "Gator Country." Marsh isn't our feeder school so for you, this meant saying good-bye to all but 3 friends and beginning a new journey with new people. Easy, no not really. Frightened, a bit~we had quite a few lunch time conversations on the forbidden cell phone. But you persevered.
You met new friends with whom you've made wonderful memories.
Friendships which will always be.
And the new friends are such a fun, supporting group of kids. Love them.
There are those you've mentored and encouraged.
You realized Volleyball is your game. And boy, what a game you served up! Sweet girls and Mike~what a coach~he's going to be a great high school history teacher!
And those friendships from Shasta endured~and you're still smiling, still laughing, still together.
And your sister, your biggest fan. She insisted on driving you to your dance this week. Helping with all those last minute homework assignments, dress shopping and gift hunting. She loves you more than you'll ever know. And, of enduring friendships, imagine these two 8 years ago posing for their 6th grade grad picture. Milestones.
It rained on us today just as Ms. Bodner began to announce your names. No one seemed to mind. A fresh spring rain to bring forth a new day, and as quickly as the rain came, the sun shone on you and your peers, the graduating class of Marsh Junior High 2010. Congratulations, baby~I love you.

Another Sweetwater Bag

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Had a bit of the canvas leftover from the Ella Carry-All bag I posted on last week. Enough, in fact, to make one more bag~a big, roomy book bag. Look at this great hand-painted ceramic button~the kids gave me a small pouch of pretty buttons on Mother's Day crafted by some local artisans, this is one of them. The lining is cotton, another whimsical Sweetwater print. I chose to reinforce the bottom with Timtex to give the bag some shape. The straps are wide and long, so it's perfect as an over the should sling.

Have a good weekend all~I'm off to a second day of tournament volleyball for daughters #2, and #3; going to help build a rocket for daughter #2, read a chapter of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief with son #2; go grocery shopping and last but not least, make a birthday cake and potato salad for my father-in-law's birthday dinner this evening. . .geez, what weekend. . .


Sunday, May 9, 2010

My first Spring to Finish project. I originally began this quilt hoping to use 10" squares thinking it would be a great pattern to use for all the yummy layer cakes available. But to no avail. I moved on to fat quarters and well, here we are.
Sugar is the fabric line, by Art Gallery. A really pretty grouping. Actually, I'm thinking some new lounge pants are in order made from these same fabrics. Perfect summer colors~cozy.
Here's a couple of coffee cup cozies I whipped up before bed last night. These honestly take about 15 minutes~start to finish. I used the Tweet Tweet fabrics by Keiki~love the fish. Coincidentally, my friend Carmen is having a giveaway on her blog of these same fabrics~get on over there and sign up!
A Happy Mother's Day to all of you girls out there. These were awaiting me this morning~I absolutely L*O*V*E paper poppies. They press well and they're such a beautiful wildflower. Enjoy your day~I'm off to make a German Chocolate cake~coconut pecan frosting and all. It's going to be delicious, it's a favorite of mine.
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