Friday, May 28, 2010

Where does the time go. Were daddy and I not just bringing you home from the hospital. And now you're graduating junior high. Today, we made special memories. Though 8th grade promotion may not be looked upon as a "major" milestone, I think it is. Two years ago you came to "Gator Country." Marsh isn't our feeder school so for you, this meant saying good-bye to all but 3 friends and beginning a new journey with new people. Easy, no not really. Frightened, a bit~we had quite a few lunch time conversations on the forbidden cell phone. But you persevered.
You met new friends with whom you've made wonderful memories.
Friendships which will always be.
And the new friends are such a fun, supporting group of kids. Love them.
There are those you've mentored and encouraged.
You realized Volleyball is your game. And boy, what a game you served up! Sweet girls and Mike~what a coach~he's going to be a great high school history teacher!
And those friendships from Shasta endured~and you're still smiling, still laughing, still together.
And your sister, your biggest fan. She insisted on driving you to your dance this week. Helping with all those last minute homework assignments, dress shopping and gift hunting. She loves you more than you'll ever know. And, of enduring friendships, imagine these two 8 years ago posing for their 6th grade grad picture. Milestones.
It rained on us today just as Ms. Bodner began to announce your names. No one seemed to mind. A fresh spring rain to bring forth a new day, and as quickly as the rain came, the sun shone on you and your peers, the graduating class of Marsh Junior High 2010. Congratulations, baby~I love you.

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  1. what a wonderful recap of these milestones! I would love to have something like this to look back on.


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