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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tufted Tweets, that is! My latest quilt finish. I so very *heart* this fabric from Laurie Wisbrun. I've named it~Make Yourself Comfortable; yes, I name all my quilts. Laurie's the same gal who has those AWESOME donkeys in rainboots over at Scarlet Fig. Robert Kaufman was lucky enough to pick Laurie up as one of their new designers. These are the cutest prints~with orchid, sorbet, grass and sky colorways. The solid is Kona Charcoal; and the purple, blue and green solids are Kaufman Dimensions.
My friend Patty (at Uniquely Quilted) did the awesome machine quilting on her super cool computerized Statler Stitcher. The quilt is now on display at HRQ right next to those 12 luscious bolts of Tufted Tweets!
And, on the homefront, I have yet another tidbit to share in what's turning out to be a saga for Bethy in the Parenting 101 department this summer. Mom (that's me) upstairs quilting a little table runner when Bethy comes bounding up the stairs wailing and mumbling something about how I can ground her for the entire summer, but "mommy, please come help~I handcuffed Colby to the bed." Okay, first the handcuffs are not mine~they're a trinket my husband found in a car he purchased and is restoring. He gave the handcuffs to John (son #1) because he thought they were "cool". Yes, Colby was handcuffed, but just sitting on the bed while Cassidy (daughter #2) was trying to find the key to the handcuffs. Of course, John has no idea where the key was. I wasn't too worried, the cuffs weren't tight, and my cousin is a police officer here locally~ worst case scenario I'd have to call Richard and drive Colby to him to have him decuffed. Cassidy being the level headed kid she is, dug through the "junk" drawer and found the key. Colby is now a free man and enjoying a toasted cheese sandwich in the living room anticipating a late afternoon movie date with his mom and sisters~Iron Man 2. Seriously Bethy, give mom a break! Am I going to have stories to tell her kids!


  1. The fabric is definitely cute...but the story was the icing on the cake for me...:)

  2. Handcuffs, real "fake" grenades, zip ties, pocket knives, Legos, bugs, magnets (what do you mean the tv screen is all blurry?)...

    boys oh boyz!

    Glad all are well and recovering nicely. We wanted to take the boys to Ironman 2 also, so you'll have to give a review for those of us still having not seen it.

    Saw the new quilt on flickr and fell in love with the colors! They remind me of my blue delphiniums just blooming. Awesome!

  3. I love this! What a great way to use these fun fabrics, especially with the charcoal solid. Too funny about your kids playing with the handcuffs! I love hearing these stories of the things other people's kids do.

  4. I love that line and what a great quilt design for it!

    I've got myself a crazy boy too!

  5. Oh Dorrie that is too funny! Maybe we should be cuffed to our sewing machines and HAVE to quilt...sorry kids no dinner....I'm cuffed to the machine!! See you soon! xo Pam


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