A Little Zipper Pouch

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kids are off for their 2nd day of school~so I've found myself a bit of sewing time. My stash of Far, Far, Away 2 has been willing me to do something with it so I thought a little zipper pouch might be fun.

Bethy wouldn't pick a new pencil pouch for school during our Target outing because she thought a homemade one would be more unique. A swish of my sewing fairy wand and here it is! (Maybe more than one swish. . .) It even coordinates nicely with her backpack.

Happy stitching!


  1. what a cute way to begin the school year...and What nice "Mom thing" to do!!

  2. Awe you are a sweet mama :) Don't you just love it when the kids request something from us, that we like doing?

  3. Perfect for the start of school! I might need to make one of those for my first day - hehehe!

  4. very cute! she is right- a homemade one IS more unique.


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