Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally finished! The quilt has been done for nearly 4 weeks, but we had a horrible time trying to take that "just right" photograph. It's still not exactly what I had invisioned, but my husband and daughter were ready to shoot me and bury me out back if I didn't choose something! Oh, and the name was almost as difficult~we decided on Loco Motion. . . snappish. The quilt will be offered as a kit at Pacific International Quilt Festival next month in Santa Clara, CA. I'm so excited!
In other sewing news, my friend Patti shared this pattern with me~The Newport Tote by Lazy Girl Designs. Wasn't a big fan of the bag pictured on the cover, but I love it with these little bicycles! It has a couple of great pockets; I added a magnetic closure and a key fob~because I can't ever leave well enough alone. Somehow between the time I finished the bag and the picture I snapped, one of my beloved housemates (i.e., children or husband) managed to get mashed potatoes on the handles and on the inner lining. One adult husband, 3 teenagers, and 2 tweenagers and still we have issues with mashed potatoes. . .I just don't know.

Have a good day!


  1. This quilt is super gorgeous, Dorrie! I love how 3-dimensional it looks, with parts of it popping off my screen. Better keep those mashed potatoes away from your fabric and sewing projects!

  2. I'm honestly surprised that's all you have trouble with. LOL

    The quilt made me say "Oh my gosh" it's that elecric! Love the picture, it was worth the wait for me!

    The bag is cute too. I haven't really liked that line of fabric, but it's really cute on this!

    Enjoy Life today with those you love!


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