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Sunday, October 3, 2010

October has blew in with wild abandon. We had several 100°+ days this week, but the nights have been very cool~Autumn is upon us. We decided to head to our favorite day spot for one final harrah before the holidays and chilly weather set in. Oldest son decided not to join us, there was hunting to be done. The cold waters of Butte Creek didn't stop the kids from doing some body surfing, I remember doing that when I was there age. Too cold for me now.
I settled for being the photographer. Butte Meadows holds so many memories for me, honestly there is no place I love to visit more. I spent summers here as a kid, met my husband here, turned 21 in one of the local establishments, cut our Christmas tree each year; well the list goes on.
Look at the water, it's really moving. I was a little scared to let the kids play, but John gave me one of those "we used to do it" looks~what's a mom to do. . . I still love to climb from rock to rock and walk the fallen trees.
A little sewing too. My baby is 100 miles away being serviced; so I've been using my little Janome. This little hexy needle holder is one of the projects I finished this weekend. I love the Farmdale print by Alexander Henry.Used a soft wool for the inside. Also, took a trip to my favorite bead store to pick a few apples for pin toppers. I love making fun pins for my cushions!I've also decided to follow along with Amy and cut into my Flea Market Fancy to make a quilt for myself. I've cut half the prints, 21 remain~the reds, pinks, yellows and golds. I'm tired of cutting I want to sew!
Here's my plan, all drawn up. I can't wait to see it come together.

Happy October everyone!
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