Hexies, Treasure and Some Dessert Love

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Remember when I blogged about my hexies? And how I had a special plan for these. . .
Well, here's the nearly finished product~see the binding waiting so patiently? Haven't quite got to that yet. I've been participating the Hexagon Along, but I also made these in a bigger size 1.5". Instead of hand piecing, I fused these to a piece of sheer-weight interfacing. Being careful to snug them together really closely. It worked! Once fused, I layered it with batting and a backing piece and machine quilted 1/8" inside each hexy. I'm thinking of doing a table runner using this method.
This one however, will have it's place on the newly "trash to treasure" dresser Hayley and I just finished. I wish I'd taken before photos~you would have never believed it was the same piece. It had been faux painted with an oil base paint. It took two coats of stripper to remove all of the old paint. We sanded it, filled the nicks with wood putty, applied primer and then this wonderful blue-grey paint. Hayley and I found these shabby chic glass knobs at Target. We're both in love. It's in our sun room and will hold quilts (of course), board games and cards. My husband wants to put a flat screen on it, ah. . .NO! On the homefront, my mom celebrated her 78th birthday this past week. She came over and we celebrated with delicious taco salads, watermelon and her favorite dessert~homemade angel food cake with cream, chocolate sauce and berries straight from the garden. Happy Birthday mom!

Tweet, Tweet!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tufted Tweets, that is! My latest quilt finish. I so very *heart* this fabric from Laurie Wisbrun. I've named it~Make Yourself Comfortable; yes, I name all my quilts. Laurie's the same gal who has those AWESOME donkeys in rainboots over at Scarlet Fig. Robert Kaufman was lucky enough to pick Laurie up as one of their new designers. These are the cutest prints~with orchid, sorbet, grass and sky colorways. The solid is Kona Charcoal; and the purple, blue and green solids are Kaufman Dimensions.
My friend Patty (at Uniquely Quilted) did the awesome machine quilting on her super cool computerized Statler Stitcher. The quilt is now on display at HRQ right next to those 12 luscious bolts of Tufted Tweets!
And, on the homefront, I have yet another tidbit to share in what's turning out to be a saga for Bethy in the Parenting 101 department this summer. Mom (that's me) upstairs quilting a little table runner when Bethy comes bounding up the stairs wailing and mumbling something about how I can ground her for the entire summer, but "mommy, please come help~I handcuffed Colby to the bed." Okay, first the handcuffs are not mine~they're a trinket my husband found in a car he purchased and is restoring. He gave the handcuffs to John (son #1) because he thought they were "cool". Yes, Colby was handcuffed, but just sitting on the bed while Cassidy (daughter #2) was trying to find the key to the handcuffs. Of course, John has no idea where the key was. I wasn't too worried, the cuffs weren't tight, and my cousin is a police officer here locally~ worst case scenario I'd have to call Richard and drive Colby to him to have him decuffed. Cassidy being the level headed kid she is, dug through the "junk" drawer and found the key. Colby is now a free man and enjoying a toasted cheese sandwich in the living room anticipating a late afternoon movie date with his mom and sisters~Iron Man 2. Seriously Bethy, give mom a break! Am I going to have stories to tell her kids!

Totes and Some A-Team Magic

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I've completed quite a few projects this week~these two bags included. They're made with a soft blanket weight fabric, nice and slouchy. . .and in the 40% off closet at my LQS.
Tried my hand at snaps~easy peasy.
Also, a loop closure with a hand-painted wooden button~beautifully green.
Another wooden button~just for looks.

Have I ever blogged about how much I love A-Team television. These 4 guys were my favorite TV heros. I was their biggest fan. Honestly. I would stay home from school dances, ball games, the works, just to watch these guys be the vanguards of justice. I'm still a fan. I own 4 of the 5 seasons on DVD (season 5 with new writers and new story line was the series downfall). I listen to it while I sew. My daughter's volleyball team adopted one of Murdock's lines from one episode as their team slogan. . ."I'm a bird, I'm a plane, I'm a choo-choo train!"
And because of them I can't wait for this ~ because after all, there is no Plan B.
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