Sew2Speak~Our Modern Block Party

Sunday, July 31, 2011

For 2010-2011 I participated in an online quilting bee. Our group~Sew2Speak. I had asked for 2 blocks from each of my 11 co-block partiers.
These are the fabrics they each received. I asked for blocks representing their individual interpretation of a modern log cabin variation.
Blocks were received and stitched together. I received 23, and I made 2 to make an even 25.
A friend did the longarm quilting for me. And ta-daa! There is so much talent represented here. Thanks girls~it's the most beautiful gift. It will be treasured.


  1. it's absolutely gorgeous! One of my favorite drunk love quilts for sure.

  2. Wow, what a cool quilt! I love the color combinations you gave your partners, and I love all the great quilt blocks they made for you. So cool to see the variety, which makes me just love noticing new things. You must be so proud of this!


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