Whispers of Autumn

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It seems I'm in an awful habit of falling in and out of Blogland. Have I been sewing. . .yes, but being energized to photograph my projects and progress is yet another story and a blog post without pictures is, at the very least, boring. What I have been completely taken with these past few months has been our home, more specifically our property. Northern California received one of the wettest winter and spring we've had in nearly a decade. We've also had a fairly mild summer, with temperatures just this week reaching over the century mark. It's been the most beautiful transformation, and our property is lush and green. I take my camera and walk the property, I want to remember always, how it is to me right now. The hibiscus have multiple blooms in rich, vibrant colors. I love to watch them close in the evenings just as the sun peeks over the mountains into the Pacific.My husband loves the tropical feel of Florida; he brought home several tiki's from there on a recent trip. We've set them poolside. They add such character.Even the roses have embraced the cooler summer days with blooms the size of dishes. And the evergreens we planted grew nearly 2 feet this past year~amazing!
The lilies also have enjoyed the cooler weather. The bloom clusters are more full than I've ever seen.
As we close in on summer and the days are counted until the hammock comes down, I can't help but hope for yet another mild autumn and rain-filled winter to fill our lakes and snow to cover the twin peaks of Mt. Lassen. It's what greets me as I look out my kitchen window.

Enjoy your last few weeks of summer my friends.

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  1. I always love it when you take your camera along to share your property with us - such a gorgeous property you have! Those flowers are so heavenly looking. Happy to hear you've been keeping busy with sewing and enjoying life!


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