Autumn Begins

Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's autumn!. . .it already feels like it. The leaves are beginning to fall, my vegetable garden has slowed in production and the swimming pool is chilly. . .and did someone mention football~love it!

The apple trees are beginning to produce, thus homemade applesauce! We stewed our first batch last weekend and filled freshly turned crepes with their sweet cinnamon-y goodness. Delish!!

With the changing of the seasons I'm shifting directions with some of my sewing, tucking away the summer palettes and turning to the warmer hues of Fall. As well as a bit of funky halloween mayhem. These pillowcases feature the Ghastlies. Cassidy loves this line. I paired it with a pale pink Kaufman Radiance and a Yarn Dye in black just for her~coordinates with absolutely NOTHING in her room, but she loves them! The pattern is Pillowcase Pizzazz, BUT this tutorial uses the same method as the pattern.

Picked up some great flannel at work. Red and Gray Woolies from Maywood Studios. These are without a doubt the BEST flannels on the market. They're thick, soft and hold their color~wash after wash. We've been updating Colby's room to reflect his transition into young adulthood~these will wind their way into a fuzzy-edged throw for him.

And who could pass up Fresh Cut flannel~certainly not me!!! It's beautiful! This bundle of pure bliss will also be a fuzzy-edged quilt. . .for yours truly.

I'm continuing to plug away at Neptune's Granny, I love making these blocks. . .here are two I've made this week. I've finally decided on a layout. . .Saints preserve us! 49 is the magic number. . . not 36. . . not 56 but, 49! There, it's written in stone~no deviating from said plan!

Swap projects have been whirling around in my head~these are the final swaps I'll be involved with before the holidays so I'm taking extra special care in deciding what to make for my partners. . .more to come as I finish those.

Enjoy your weekend. Happy Autumn 1st everyone!


  1. those flannels are perfect - they look so cozy and just manly enough!

  2. I adore homemade applesauce! Definitely have to find time to make that this season.

    I have some of those Ghastlies prints, but haven't figured out what to make with them. I love your idea of a pillowcase. Those red and grey flannels are so rich and cozy looking. Love the fall hues too!

  3. visit your house and take in all the gardening, granny, ghastly goodness!

    Dorrie, wish we lived in the same town!


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