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Born and raised in Northern California. I'm a country mouse. Married to a man I've literally known my whole life, who still after all these years makes my heart smile. We have 5 children–whom I affectionately refer to as the Fab Five. Three are grown, and a set of teenage twins following too quickly behind.  I work in education, at our local community college, it is a great place to be! We're also micro farmers, we have 10 acres where we grow a lot of our food. A small vineyard, blackberries, 50 or so fruit and nut trees, large garden and every now and again animals for meat, and several dinosaur chickens (guinea hens) for eggs. To keep things interesting, we have two rottweiler puppies--literally like have toddler twins all over again!!

Sewing is my happy place, it feeds my soul. From a very early age, sitting near my mom at the sewing machine, it has always been apart of me. I was fortunate to have been educated during a time when home economics were alive and well in public education. I took sewing every semester–one hour each day I got to sew–at school! Not going to lie, it was amazing (thank you Mrs. Sweeney–best HomeEc teacher EVER). I sew everything–quilts, bags, garments, curtains, pillows. . .I love it all! I have the opportunity to teach at our local quilt shop, both adults and children, it's a great time! I also belong to a small quilt group, the Sew Mates, a wonderful, group of women who are also some of my dearest friends.

I attribute my love of this gentle art to my maternal great grandmother–Anna. She was amazing. She was a remarkable seamtress, made the best macaroons ever, also tatted and crocheted. An immigrant from Norway, armed with nothing more than a dressmaker's tape and pins, she could design, cut and sew like no other; be it a skirt and blouse or a formal gown. She had an eye for color, and a love of textiles. She loved to quilt, hand cutting squares with templates, sewing on a vintage Singer, amd had a large quilting frame to finish her projects. She passed away in 1976, three years before the rotary cutter. There are many times I pick up my {cute} aqua cutter, smile and think of her, how she would have loved it.

Sewing is an amazing vocation, it is my outlet to slow down, create something with my hands and my heart.

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